Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death?


Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death?


Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death? Baba Harbhajan Singh was born in 1941 in Sadrana, Gujjarawala district, Punjab, Pakistan. His family moved to India during the partition of 1947. He completed his Matriculation in 1955 in Punjab, India, He enlisted in the army in 1956, he was sent to Sikkim later, where he joined 18th Rajput. It was in Sikkim that he is believed to have died in 1968/69.


It is believed that Baba Harbhajan was fighting the Chinese on his Horse in 1967, while fighting the fierce battle he got injured, his horse ran away to a far place, but it could not save him, he died of injuries. After 3 days Baba appeared in the dream of one of his friends working in the same regiment, Baba guided his friend and troops to his body.

His body was found stuck in the glaciers and was cremated with full military honours, Baba’s spirit though never left the place, he would come often in his friends’ dreams and instruct them to build him a place.

His friends built Baba a place to stay near Nathula pass, Sikkim, now the place has become a shrine.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death?

According to the accounts of those who have served there, Baba still serves the Army in his Ethereal body. His shoes are polished and uniform ironed daily, they are believed to get dirty by the morning (he is on night duty),  Baba rides his horse across the line of control guarding the border. Whenever soldiers sleep on their duty hours Baba is said to wake them up. Baba has had promotions from time to time.

Baba is said to have informed soldiers 3 days earlier when Chinese were approaching the borders during skirmishes, Every year Baba takes leave in the month of september, Baba is dropped to the railway station on September 11the every year, his belongings are sent to his village in the train with a seat reserved for Baba. Salary is sent to his family every month.

An interesting thing about this legend is that even the Chinese revere Baba, During flag meeting between the officials of Indian Army and Chinese Army, a separate, empty chair is kept for Baba by the Chinese authorities.


Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death?

Even today, Indian Army Soldiers (jawans) posted at the Nathu-La post firmly believe that Singh’s ghost/spirit protects them. Soldiers even believe that his holy spirit warns them of any upcoming attack at least three days in advance. Even the Chinese, during flag meets, set a chair aside to honour Baba Harbhajan Singh. The water from his shrine is believed to heal ailing soldiers. Baba Harbhajan Singh’s shrine is guarded by barefooted Indian soldiers, and his uniform and boots are cleaned on a regular basis. Stories about his ghost visiting the camps at night and even waking up the soldiers who fall sleep while on watch, are massively popular and very regular.

The belief about his paranormal existence is so firm that every year on 11th September, a jeep departs with his personal belongings to the nearest railway station, New Jalpaiguri, from where it is then sent by train to the village of Kuka, in the Kapurthala district of the Indian state of Punjab. Moreover, until his recent retirement, Singh was steadily promoted up the ranks and retired as an Honorary Captain. His salary has, without fail, been sent to his family up until his retirement. Singh is looked up to as a holy saint today and soldiers often refer to him as ‘Baba’. The baba shrine has a ready bedroom just like jawans where necessities like army clothes, boot, bed, blanket etc are kept. Further there is also an office for him.

Here’s a video (in Hindi) telling story of Baba Harbhajan Singh, some story points may differ as everyone has their own version of this story.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Serving Duty to Indian Army After his Death?


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