Charlie Chaplin was paid $10,000 a week in 1915.


Charlie Chaplin was paid $10,000 week -1915

Charlie Chaplin was paid $10,000 week -1915: During the course of 1915, Chaplin became a cultural phenomenon. Shops were stocked with Chaplin merchandise, he was featured in cartoons and comic strips, and several songs were written about the star. As his Essanay contract came to an end, and fully aware of his popularity, Chaplin requested a $150,000 signing bonus from his next studio. He received several offers, including Universal, Fox, and Vitagraph, the best of which came from the Mutual Film Corporation at $10,000 a week.

But, Do you know how much that $10,000 of 1915 worth now?

Well according to inflation calculator, which is not accurate but gives you approximate value:

-what cost $10000 in 1915 would cost $223,620.77 now.
-which means $ 11,628,280.04 per year.


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