7 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


5. Hide your private photos

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you hand your iPhone to your kids to play around with, or perhaps want to show a friend some photos from your recent vacation – and then you realize you have a photo or video on your device that’s, er, private.

No judging here. In fact, Apple wants to help you hide sensitive images, too.

Inside the Photos app, select one or more images, and then tap the Share button. Now choose Hide. Your chosen pictures will become invisible via the Moments, Collections, and Years views – but can still be accessed through the Albums screen.

Of course, there are dedicated apps to hide photos and videos, as well, such as

6. Expand your storage

As you likely know, iPhone doesn’t let you expand your storage past what you buy initially, such as 64GB or 256GB. Most Android phones, on the flipside, take a microSD card.

But you’re not out of luck. The DataTraveler Bolt Duo, by Kingston (from $59), is a teeny device that snaps into the lightning port of any iPhone, whether it’s used to offload photos and videos (to make more room), or kept inserted while capturing memories (thus saved directly to the drive). A companion app makes either scenario super simple.

Also, iOS 11 introduced many new ways to improve your available storage, including more efficient file formats for photo and video, and enabling iCloud sync for Messages (Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud).

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