Really He is Mr.magnet ? (Know how)


Mr. Magnet Liew Thow

Mr. Magnet Liew Thow

Liew Thow Lin is a real life “Magneto” and can stick metal objects on his body. He is popularly known as “Magnet Man”, “Magnetic Man” or “Mr. Magnet”.

Meet Mr. Magnet Liew Thow : (Know more about Liew's superpower)
Mr. Magnet Liew Thow

Magneto is a very well-known fictional character associated with X-men comics series. He has the ability to control any metal object. Liew Thow Lin from Malaysia has a similar superhuman capability. Even though he cannot control metal objects like Magneto, he can stick up to 36 kg of metal objects (each object weighing 2 kg) to his body without any adhesive. He can also pull a car using this ability. Liew discovered his ability to stick metal to his body at the age of 60 when his tools started getting stuck to his body.

When scientists at the University of Technology in Malaysia examined Liew, they found that his body does not contain any magnetic field. The credit goes to the high level of friction present in his skin. The abnormally high level of friction makes his body super-sticky providing a suction effect. Similar kind of ability is displayed by his three grandchildren proving that his sticky skin is genetic


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