A Woman Had Carried a Baby in Her Womb for 46 Years and Then Gave Birth to a “Stone baby”


Woman Gave Birth to ”Stone Baby” after 46 years

Woman Gave Birth to ”Stone Baby” after 46 years: Biology is a science of exception, and the human body has always shown this in the form of the most complex and bizarre genetic and physical malformations. From a condition causing people to produce tears that are partially composed of blood (Haemolacria) to a boy born with less than 2% of the brain, biological wonders constantly keep the medical community on their toes. Here we narrate one such medical aberration that may leave you stoned. (Sorry, stunned!)

In 1955, a Moroccan woman got pregnant with her first child and was scheduled for a caesarean section at a local hospital. However, after seeing another woman died during childbirth, she fled the hospital.

Woman Gave Birth to ''Stone Baby'' after 46 years Zahra Aboutalib, a 26-year-old woman living in a village outside Casablanca, Morocco, got pregnant for the first time. After suffering labor pain for 48 hours, she was rushed to a local hospital where doctors prepare her for the caesarean section. There, she saw another woman died in terrible pain during childbirth. This caused her to flee the hospital thinking that if she had stayed she would meet the same fate.

Zahra kept feeling excruciating labor pains but suffered no miscarriage, and the pain stopped after a few days. She believed in the Sleeping Child Moroccan myth and went on to live a normal life adopting three children.

Woman Gave Birth to ''Stone Baby'' after 46 years

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