10 Extraordinary Facts About Narendra Modi You Didn’t Know Yet


4 Modi: A Tea Seller

Narendra Modi’s father had a tea-stall at the Vadnagar Railway Station in Gujarat, and young Narendra Modi often lent his hands in selling tea at the station. This is the most sought-after fact about Narendra Modi, and he has been seen mentioning this several times in his speeches.

5 Wears only Creaseless Clothes

Narendra Modi is highly cautious of his dressing style. His clothes are always creaseless. This further enhances his aura and command as a leader of the nation.

6  Workaholic to the core

Modi is a staunch advocate of the adage, ‘Work is Worship’. Throughout his service as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he didn’t take any leave. He propagates the similar philosophy to all his subordinates till date.During his 13 years of tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he never took even a single holiday. Such a workaholic!

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