10 Extraordinary Facts About Narendra Modi You Didn’t Know Yet


7 Groomed Gujarat As A World-Class State

In the year 2010, when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, United Nations awarded Gujarat as the 2nd best state in the world.

8 Always Prefers The Language Of The Nation

He is a great patron of the National Language, and it is justified by the fact that he always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it is any casual occasion or an official document.

9 A Leadership Course from the US

Narendra Modi undertook a three months course in the United States. There he studied  image management and public relations. These courses eventually helped him refine his personality and impact as a great leader in India.

10  The Japanese Prime Minister Tweeted in English for the first time Only to Congratulate Modi

Narendra Modi

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, is a highly nationalistic person. He is known to tweet always in Japanese only. But on May 20th, 2014, he tweeted in English for the very first time just to congratulate Narendra Modi.

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