5 Amazing Indian Festivals Foreign Travelers- (Know): There is no other country in this world where festivities and work, food and culture, politics and daily life, growth and poverty, divinity and extremism are more juxtaposed than that in India. Surely, India is a land of wonders that are beyond words. It is a land of heritage, it is the cradle of human civilization, it is breeding ground of science, it is an epitome of epic resilience, it is the land of spirit and what not… Everything about India sums up in a few simple words – “India is perennial and Indians are the undulating forebearers of humanity from antiquity that transcend into modern times”. This Indian spirit of rippling changes contrasting with undeterred traditions are rightly upheld by some of the amazing Indian festivals that an unassuming traveler from across the globe can encounter in the subcontinent.

Here is a list of 5 most amazing Indian festivals that a foreign traveler must experience to peek into the true spirit of India, to understand its true culture and to smear his or her soul with the true essence of India. Let’s begin…

1: Dipawali or Festival of Lights

Evil and good have persisted since antiquity. Every culture has its own version. Some say there’s Devil and there’s God. We Indians say – there are only Good Deeds and Bad Deeds. Goods give us salvation and help us unite with the Paramatman (the God who manifests himself or herself in every thing we know – humans, animals, trees, stones, water, air etc.) and Bads throw us in a never-ending cycle of life and death until we do Good and unite with Paramatman.

2: Holi or Festival of Colors

This list can never be complete without the mention of Holi – the festival of colors. This is the day when India becomes colorful like no other day in the year and no other place in the world. The dazzling display of colors, Holi signifies a lot of things – rooted deep in Indian culture. More than stories, there’s a meaningful essence to this festival that no one can every ignore.

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