Protein beer that has as much protein as three extra-large eggs


“Barbell Brew”- Low Calories & High Protein Beer (know price)

“Barbell Brew”- Low Calories & High Protein Beer (know price): Online health retailer from U.K. “Muscle Food” has created a “Protein Beer” that, besides being a beer- which we all love- also contains proteins, and in pretty high quantity. Named as “Barbell Brew”- a cheeky amalgamation of barbell and beer in the same sentence- this revolutionary invention for the beer-guzzlers and muscle-heads alike is sure to shake up the supplements industry as well as the brewery market.

What is the Protein content?

Each bottle of Barbell Brew contains 21.8g of protein and an alcoholic volume of 3.6%. In addition to this, the beer is gluten-free and contains a staggeringly low amount of calories that clock in at 92.4 calories per bottle. The amount of proteins packed inside this drink equal eight ounces of Greek yogurt or three extra-large eggs.

There are other nutritional values as well

Besides the aforementioned sensational amount of proteins, the brew is made from water, barley malt, hop, yeast and amino acid. The brew accounts for 85% fewer carbohydrates and 33% less calories than other well-known brews. The alcohol content or ABV is a mere 3.6% which essentially means that you are going to have to gulp down a lot of these in order to give yourself the buzz.

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