In Buddhism, Karma force drives cycle suffering and rebirth each being.


In Buddhism , karma the main force:

The word ‘Buddha’ is a title, which means ‘one who is awake’, in the sense of having ‘woken up to reality’. The Thanboddhay Pagoda in Myanmar has 582,357 Buddha statues.  7 million Buddhists are found outside of Asia. Some Buddhist monks in Japan used to practice self-mummification by adhering to a special diet, then sealing themselves alive into burial chambers. There is a pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka that is holy to four religions for a “sacred footprint”: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. In Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao, the Buddhist New Year is celebrated for three days.

The Swastika is recognized as a symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

In Japan, homosexualrelations among Buddhist samurai and clergy were actually quite common.

In Buddhism, suicide is seen as throwing away the precious opportunity to generate positive karma.

 Buddhists in china

China is the country with the largest population of Buddhists, approximately 244 million or 18.2% of its total population. Some Chinese farmers use plastic molds tosculpt pears into the likeness of Buddhas.

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