Is Mount Kailash a source of supernatural powers?


Mount Kailash the Abode of Lord Shiva

Mount Kailash the Abode of Lord Shiva, A great mass of black rock soaring to over 22,000 feet, Mount Kailash has the unique distinction of being the world’s most acclaimed holy place. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims each year. This curious fact is explained by the mountain’s remote location in far western Tibet. With no planes, trains or buses anywhere near the region the journey requires weeks of difficult and dangerous travel

The Jains call the mountain Astapada and believe it to be the place where Rishaba, the first of the twenty-four Tirthankaras attained liberation. Followers of Bon, Tibet’s pre-Buddhist, shamanistic religion, call the mountain Tise and believe it to be the seat of the Sky Goddess Sipaimen. Tibetan Buddhists call the mountain Kang Rimpoche, the ‘Precious One of Glacial Snow’, and regard it as the dwelling place of Demchog and his consort, Dorje Phagmo.

One of the ideas the Russians have put forward is that Mt. Kailash could be a vast, human-built pyramid, the centre of an entire complex of smaller pyramids, a hundred in total. This complex, moreover, might be the centre of a world–wide system connecting other monuments or sites where paranormal phenomena have been observed. The idea of the pyramid in this region is not new. It goes back to the times of Ramayana.

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