5 Most Funny Animals Created by Science


Most Funny Animals Created by Science

Most Funny Animals Created by Science -(View Pics): A list of 5 genetically modified animals created by science. These animals may sound to you to come straight out of a science fiction movie or from a cartoonist’s imagination. But the truth is they have been created by scientists and researchers laboring in their labs to find out solutions to our everyday problems…

1. See-Through Frog

The magnificent see-through frog was created to silence the world against dissection of the animals. This see-through frog does not require dissection to see its organs, blood vessels and eggs. We can see how organs grows, how cancer spreads through the skin of the frog. It truly a miracle in genetic engineering.

2. GloFish

Glofish is a genetically modified zebrafish which glows in dark. The fish has been ccomes in bright fluorescent colours like red, orange and green.

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