6 beers you should be drinking and 6 you shouldn’t

We chose what to eat very carefully but we rarely give the same attention to what we drink in terms of our health.


5. Pabst Blue Ribbon

This beer comprises GMO corn syrup and GMO corn.The corn syrup effects human health conditions. It results in allergies and various human defects as mentioned above in GMO corn usage.

6. Michelob Ultra

It’s not so popular but it contains GMO dextrose (genetically modified sweetener). This has a straight affect on the engineering of human genes.

6 beers you should be drinking are as follows:-

1. Lindeman’s Framboise

To make Framboise raspberry juice is added to lambic. That gives it a delicate fruity aroma and a beautiful dark pink color. It is also used in cooking for adding additional flavor and taste to food.

2. Rodenbach Classic 

Rodenbach is made for the dinner table. It balances tart, fruity acidity with soft oak notes, like wine. It’s thirst-quenching and light on the palate, despite its deep red color and complexity from mixed-fermentation barrel aging. At about half the alcohol by volume of wine, it’s a food-pairing beverage you can pour all meal long.

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