Chewing gum can help your brain function more efficiently


3. Chewing Increases Blood Flow To The Brain

Chewing gum can also increase the flow of blood to the brain by 25 to 40 percent. This is important because an increase in blood flow means an increase in the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain. An increase in oxygen, in turn, means the memory can work more efficiently. Andrew Sholey, a professor at the British Sciences Institute in Australia, has shown that the short-term memory can improve by up to 35 percent just by chomping on a wad of gum.

4. Gum Chewing Helps You Pay Attention

Other studies show that chewing gum can improve attention spans, induce a quicker reaction time and even put chewers in a positive mood. Research involving students showed that those who chew gum while taking a test tend to have higher scores than their non-gum chewing peers. Students also tend to take fewer breaks and pay more attention in the classroom when chewing gum.

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