Neil Harbisson, the World’s First Cyborg Who has been Legally Identified by the British Government


Neil Harbisson : World’s First Cyborg identified British Government

Neil Harbisson : World’s First Cyborg identified British Government: Whoever said nothing is constant except change was right on point. Change is what we see all around. The most change we see is in technology. From the invention of the wheel to the invention of driverless cars, from looking at the stars for the first time to sending rockets to other planets, technology has moved on at a fast pace. And now, we have a cyborg among us! His name is Neil Harbisson and he has an official declaration from the British Government of being a cyborg.

Neil Harbisson is an artist who was born with complete color-blindness. Although he considered his condition to be an asset, he wished to understand colors and sight in depth. So, he had a sensor implanted into his brain that enables him to translate wavelengths into sounds in his skull. The British Government has named him the world’s first official cyborg.

Neil Harbisson was born with complete color-blindness or achromatopsia. His was born with an extreme level of color-blindness where he could see objects only in a gray-scale. He developed an interest in music and art at a young age. When he was studying fine art at the Institut Alexandre Satorras at the age of 16, he was given special permission to make art without the use of any colors.

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