These Countries Have The Most Beautiful Women In The World


Countries Most Beautiful Women World wide ranking

Forget what your mother told you. Forget about the body positive campaigns. Forget about looking beyond the physical because there is a new list that states the countries where the most beautiful women in the world live. If your country hasn’t made the cut, you’re screwed, and FYI, I am just kidding. This is just a random list, guys.

1. The Philippines

It’s no news that Philippine women are the most beautiful in the world. These women have held a lot of first placements in top beauty pageants. With their dark hair and pale skin, these women seem to hit the standard for traditional beauty.

2. The UK

The UK is another country known for producing some of the most beautiful women in the world. Shockingly, it may have something to do with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Stereotypical beauty aside, blondes are much rarer, so maybe that’s why they are more covetable.

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