Neil Harbisson, the World’s First Cyborg Who has been Legally Identified by the British Government


Harbisson’s art consists of the creation of external sensory organs. Apart from the Cyborg Antenna, Harbisson has also created the Solar Crown and the Bluetooth Tooth. The Solar Crown offers a sense of time and  Harbisson aims to create time illusions, just like optical illusions. On the other hand, Bluetooth Tooth is a device to communicate between two teeth via Bluetooth.
Neil Harbisson : World's First Cyborg identified British Government

Harbisson considers his antenna as a part of his body. He also says that his understanding of the world has become more profound with the implant. Moreover, he finds himself more connected with nature and considers himself a trans-species.

The more you extend your senses, the more you realize exists. If you’re in the same house for years, there’s a repetition of what you perceive there. If you add a new sense, though, the house becomes new again,” said Harbisson in an interview with National Geographic. He also feels that the antenna is not an alien device attached to his body. It’s a part of his body. He argues that many organisms in nature carry antennas which means that having an antenna is perfectly normal. After the implantation, he feels more connected with nature and now thinks of himself as a trans-species.



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